Dr. Mrs. F.O AJIBULU - Provost

 It is my great pleasure to welcome you to FABOTAS College of Health Sciences and Technology Ado-Ekiti , Ekiti State, Nigeria.

This College fosters achievement in all areas of study, but it is especially dedicated to achievement in Education, which is an essential part of a flourishing society. It was incorporated under the perpetual Act on June 26 2012. The sole aim of the establishment of the college is to train middle-level health personnel, who will assist tremendously in discharging health duties in all the nook and crannies of Nigeria.

We are focused and dedicated to achieving and establishing relationships of lasting consequence between students and their lecturers. We offer interdisciplinary education and academic mentoring. We foster relationships between people from different backgrounds and enable students to explore diversity in a setting that is socially relaxed but academically intense. We also encourage personal and social responsibility by creating opportunities for students to share their learning with the community and to make meaningful contributions.  Decent hostel accommodation is available for our students .

We offer various health related courses under our departments which are:

  1. Community Health (JCHEW AND SCHEW)
  2. Environmental (ND &HND)
  3. Dental Surgery
  4. Health Information Management (ND &HND)
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Medical Lab.
  7. Health Assistant Medical /Health Technician

 Our vision is to be one of the best, dynamic and leading Colleges of Health Sciences and Technology in Nigeria and at the global level as well.  To compare favourably in standard and academic training of middle level health professionals in Nigeria and beyond.

 We are determined to have set of students with ICT skills.  All our students are trained on computer applications, Internet services and usage.  We believe this will enhance their core academic values. With a Computer Laboratory equipped with hundreds of Laptop computers, with our functional WLAN E-library and qualified tutors, our students’ ICT training is on the right track.

You are welcome !

( Dr.) Mrs F.O Ajibulu