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Founders Day 2024 Celebration

2024-02-28 00:00:00

Fabotas College News

Today, we gather to celebrate and honor a true hero, philanthropist, and patriot—Father whose selfless dedication and magnanimous spirit have touched countless lives. His unwavering resilience and dependability have proven time and again that he was truly tested and trusted. 

FABOTAS College of Health Sciences and Technology Ado-Ekiti is one of the newly emerging Colleges of Health Sciences and Technology in Nigeria.

The college was founded by a philanthropist LATE CHIEF(HON) BOBOYE OLANIPEKUN on February 28 2011 and was incorporated under the perpetual Act on June 26, 2012. The sole aim of the establishment of the college is to train middle-level health personnel, who will assist tremendously in discharging health duties in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and Beyond.


  • To be one of the best dynamic and leading Colleges of Health Sciences and Technology in Nigeria and at the global level as well.
  • To compare favorably in the standard and academic training of middle-level health professionals in Nigeria and beyond.
  • We provide the opportunity for all and sundry to understudy and understand us, for them to draw their conclusions. 


  • To provide essential facilities and equipment commensurate with the training of the students of the college.
  • To cooperate with other colleges of Health Sciences and Technology in the country and abroad to improve the academic and scientific training of the students.
  • To assist the government in providing middle-level manpower needs in manning the Primary Health Care Institutions throughout Nigeria.
  • To contribute significantly to the overall development of health care delivery services in Nigeria.


Our performances are based on the reliability and excellence of the academic and non-academic staff of the college. We do not compromise this with anybody or in any circumstances.


We make integrity the focus on our dealings as we are from the land of honor and integrity,-EKITI STATE NIGERIA, where the college is established.


A great deal of premium is placed by us on the relationship we have and enjoy with other professional bodies and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable development and maintenance of dynamic health in our environment.

As we commemorate this special day, we are reminded of the enduring vision he has set forth, a vision that burns with a sweet savoy of hope and inspiration. May these legacies continue to germinate, enriching the lives of many for generations to come.