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2023-12-16 00:00:00

Fabotas College News

On Friday 15th of Dec 2023 was the 4th Edition of Carol and nine lesson service at FABOTAS College. The carol service started in a beautiful atmosphere with a red carpet organized by the College public relation unit in collaboration with the management. The event was another opportunity to appreciate God who has kept everyone alive to witness the last days in the year 2023, thanking him for how far he has kept all and sundry.

The Carol service was a memorable one, coupled with the fact that the Acting President of the College was also present to Grace the occasion, lot of activities came into play, especially from the students, which include, Reading 9 chapters of the Bible, Drama, Choreography, Cultural dance, Poems e.t c. The event lasted for a couple of hours and it ended on a note of Praises. Wishing every member of staff and student a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024. God bless Nigeria, God Bless Ekiti-State, God Bless FABOTAS


More photos from the event ....



(L - R) Director of Operation, Acting President and Acting Provost at the 2023 College Christmas Carol Services


Staffs at the 2023 College Christmas Carol Services